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Monthly Article Round-Up: June 2019

Summary: Check out this month’s round-up of financial freedom resources from around the web! From resources that are specifically tailored to physicians to online communities that cover all things real estate investing, we think there’s a little something here for everyone. 


Financial Residency

  • This podcast/community specializes in cultivating a network of attending/resident physicians who are committed to achieving financial freedom. As you may have heard, we had the special privilege of being featured on one of this month’s podcast episodes, where we talked about our journey to Fast FIRE and how to achieve it. Click here to learn more and to listen to the episode!



  • If you’re looking for an all-encompassing real estate investing resource, then look no further than BiggerPockets. This site is dedicated to building a grassroots community of real estate investors. Guest bloggers post on a wide range of topics and on a variety of real estate investing strategies. They also post a lot of mindset-related articles. We especially enjoyed this one, 4 Ways to Nurturing Your Mindset for Success, which remind us of our series on Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within,” especially Part 3: The One Key Insight From Unleash the Power Within.


Afford Anything

  • Paula Pant’s blog is practical, spunky, and relatable, making her site a great resource for anyone pursuing financial independence. Like us, she’s a big fan of passive income and FIRE. Even though she doesn’t talk specifically about Fast FIRE, her article Why the FIRE Movement is Misunderstood clears up a lot of misconceptions about FIRE in general. We found it insightful, with ideas that are definitely compatible with our Fast FIRE advocacy. If you haven’t yet, check out our article What is Fast FIRE? to learn what the differences are. 


Hippocratic Hustle

  • If you’re looking for another physician-specific financial podcast, then check out Carrie Reynold’s Hippocratic Hustle! Geared towards women physicians seeking financial freedom through entrepreneurial pursuits (but definitely with something to be gained for male listeners, too), the podcast focuses on sharing the stories of fellow women physicians on their quests to financial freedom. There’s even a guest post by Carrie’s husband where he talks about co-parenting, which you can listen to here. It reminds us of Kenji’s article on stay at home dads.


On FIRE podcast

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