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Without having to add even more clinical hours to your (already busy) work week.

We provide results-based, real estate investing education, resources and tools to empower doctors and high-income earners to finally live the abundant life they deserve in less time than they imagine.

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Kenji Asakura, MD
and Letizia Alto, MD

we provide coaching and mentorship for doctors and high-income earners

Several years ago, we were newlyweds working as full-time hospitalists. On paper, it looked like we had everything: the well-paying careers, the happy marriage, the luxurious rental home, the cars, etc.

But in reality? Despite having worked for several years, we had very little savings. Despite our high income, we had very little freedom in terms of time or money.

One thing was clear: we had to do something.

"Why Doctors Should Invest in Real Estate"

Discover why real estate investment is a strategic path to financial freedom for doctors with Fast Fire by Semi-Retired MD. Our platform caters specifically to medical professionals, offering a tailored approach to building a robust real estate portfolio early in their careers. Real estate presents an unparalleled opportunity for passive income, wealth building, and financial security, aligning perfectly with the busy schedules of healthcare workers. At Semi-Retired MD, doctors find a reliable ally with vast experience in real estate, guiding them to make profitable investments for immediate wealth and enduring financial independence. Start securing your financial future today, ensuring you can enjoy life’s rewards while young enough to appreciate them.


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A premier resource specifically for doctors and high-income earners looking to invest in real estate. With hundreds of insightful articles at your disposal, delve into strategies, trends, and get actionable advice for rental property portfolio performance.

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Doctors Building Wealth is the must-hear podcast for ambitious DOCTORS AND HIGH-INCOME earners pursuing financial freedom and a life of genuine wealth.

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about the podcast

Doctors Building Wealth is a bi-monthly podcast hosted by Leti and Kenji, a physician couple who achieved financial freedom, that digs deep to uncover the mindset, habits and strategies separating wealthy doctors and high-income earners from those who are not. Specifically, what are the financial, emotional and educational choices doctors and high-income earners can make daily to live a truly wealthy life.





Being a part of the SRMD community has been a key part in helping us on our way to financial freedom

Taking the Zero to Freedom course gave us the education, confidence, and inspiration to go from 10 doors to 66 doors.  Our original goal at the beginning of the course was to reach $100,000.00 in annual cash flow and, only one year later, we have surpassed that goal and are on track to double it.  Also, obtaining real estate professional status has allowed us to decrease our tax burden by several hundred thousand dollars off of our W2 income.  

Being a part of the SRMD community has been a key part in helping us on our way to financial freedom, or more specifically, freeing ourselves from our W2 income. While we haven’t made any major changes yet, Regan is considering cutting his clinic schedule back and we are looking forward to the many great things our future will bring for our family!

Regan and rachel brown



I was able to achieve real estate professional status, and we received a large 6-figure tax refund

In the first 9 months after we took Zero to Freedom, we closed on 31 LTR doors in South Carolina. We then pivoted to short term rentals, going under contract for a new build in Florida Nov 2020. Since then we have purchased one short term rental in TN, completed our first new build short-term rental, and are under contract for 3 more new build STRs.

The first year after Zero to Freedom, I was able to achieve real estate professional status, and we received a large 6-figure tax refund that offset our clinical income.  We reinvested into short term rentals, and with that expected income, I will be able to reduce my clinical hours at work. 

It gave me confidence that I needed to just get started. It really gave me like all of the building blocks to become confident and taking on a whole new adventure…it’s been enormously meaningful to me, to my children. You know, it’s changed our lives.


Endocrinologist/Medical Director


We have increased our net worth by $1.5 million

Six months after we finished the course (and the start of the pandemic), we purchased a 12 unit apartment complex, and are cashflowing over $5,000 per month and have increased our net worth by $1.5 million. We have since purchased a short term rental and are getting a $100,500.00 tax refund using the short-term rental loophole!

We have learned that we absolutely can achieve our goal of financial independence for ourselves and our family.   We don’t have to work and serve corporate medicine until we are old and gray.  

kevin J. and heather k.j.

pediatric neurologist / ob/gyn


we saved six-figures in taxes

In less than 12 months we are on course to make close to six figures in cash flow in year one!  In addition, we saved six figures in taxes in 2021 and are on course to repeat this for 2022.   

SRMD has changed our relationship with money, connected us with amazing like-minded people, and brought our family closer through our new shared love of real estate!

billy c. and becky l.



SRMD has encouraged us to think bigger, allowed us to dream of financial freedom

Within 12 months of taking Zero to Freedom, we made six-figures in real estate cashflow and saved six-figures in taxes.

SRMD has encouraged us to think bigger, allowed us to dream of financial freedom earlier, aligned us with other like-minded physician families and more importantly, allowed me to work in medicine more intentionally. I now work for organizations that I want to work for and not because I “have to” work for them.  Our goal is that I work 9 months of the year in medicine and take our kids to live in other countries during the summer. 



DISCLAIMER: The testimonials presented herein are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a guarantee, warranty, or prediction of future outcomes.

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