A hands-on, 7-week course that guides you through the entire process for successfully selecting and purchasing your first rental property so you can create more monthly income (and protect it from taxes) right away.

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Let's get clear about one other thing: financial freedom looks different for everybody.

A step-by-step blueprint that teaches time-starved doctors and high income professionals exactly how to find and purchase their first cashflowing rental property by giving you all of the education, tools, insider information, and live support you need

So you can…

  • Crunch the numbers and immediately understand if a property is going to generate cashflow
  • Know exactly where, how, and when to buy your first property
  • Build the right team to support you as you build your portfolio of rental properties
  • Learn to negotiate like a professional—and turn good deals into great ones
  • Meet the investor agents who will bring you deals so that you don’t have to spend all your time on Redfin
  • Learn how to reduce how much you’re going to have to pay the IRS come tax time
Zero to Freedom is a 7-week experience of actionable education, practical steps, and high-touch mentorship.
(Followed by lifetime access to all of the trainings, tools, and resources.)

Each week, we'll take you

through the process of purchasing your first profitable rental property.

Intro: Laying the Groundwork for Investing Success

Once we get started, things can move really quickly. This pre-course step makes sure you’re positioned for success right out of the gate, so that you can start making progress toward finding your dream property on day 1.

You’ll learn how to:

✔ Screen potential markets—and choose one to focus on
✔ Protect your assets so that you can put a plan in motion when you find a property
✔ Get pre-approved by a lender who knows what investors need (as opposed to homeowners)

Step 1: Identifying Your "Why" and Goals

Every single investment you consider needs to be evaluated the same way: does this help me reach my goals? In this module, you’ll figure out what those goals are so that you can stay motivated throughout the course and beyond. We’ll also lay the groundwork for understanding when to make an offer—and when to hold back.

You’ll learn:

✔ A tried-and-tested method for setting crystal-clear goals
✔ How to keep the big picture in mind by connecting your investment goals to your “why”
✔ The two times you’ll need to use our trusty COC calculator during the buying process

Step 2: The One Strategy

To generate cashflow, you need to pick the right rental property. In this module, you’ll learn the exact strategy that we’ve used for every deal in our portfolio, and how it informs our purchasing decisions.

You’ll learn:

✔ How to find rentals that will put money into your pocket each month
✔ The exact type of property we recommend investing in—with examples from our own portfolio
✔ How to spot the ways you’re going to make money on a property (that the current owner has missed!)
✔ A critical calculation that investors use every single day to determine whether a property is going to make them money

Step 3: Build Your Team and Learn Your Market

If you want to make money with cashflowing rentals, you need a rock-solid property manager and a contractor you can trust—they’ll be your boots on the ground. In this module, you’ll learn how to hire the right people. We’ll also talk about getting to know your market—and why it pays off.

You’ll learn:

✔ Why you want to find your property manager and other team members BEFORE you invest
✔ The most important questions to ask any contractor you’re interviewing
✔ One easily overlooked red flag to look out for when hiring a property manager
✔ Our proven strategies for getting to know your market—even if you’ve never been there before

Step 4: Create a Deal Funnel

Want a steady flow of good deals? (Who doesn’t?) Your relationship with your investor agent is everything. In this module, we’ll show you how to find the right person, become their favorite client—and move quickly when a deal pops up.

You’ll learn:

✔ Why finding the right agent can make or break your real estate business
✔ How to be the first person your agent calls when they learn about a deal
✔ The critical difference between making offers on an investment property vs. your primary residence

Step 5: How to Find Deals On Your Own

No one is as committed to your real estate business as YOU are. In this module, we teach you our secrets for finding and evaluating deals, so that you’re never fully reliant on an agent.

You’ll learn:

✔ Our exact system for evaluating deals (just like reading an EKG, you need to do it the same way every time so you don’t miss a thing)
✔ How we’ve used targeted searches on our phones to find 25% of our properties
✔ Why extra square footage or little slivers of land can significantly increase cashflow

Step 6: Due Diligence and Negotiation

So you’ve found an incredible deal—now what? In this module, we’ll walk you through the purchase process step-by-step so that there are no surprises.

You’ll learn:

✔ The 7 contingencies you can use to protect yourself during the purchase process
✔ Why an “all-hands-on-deck” inspection is critical to your success
✔ How to respond once you’ve gotten the inspection report (and why we are the first to walk away)
✔ What a “haircut” is (hint: it’s a good thing) and how we’ve used negotiation to get them time and again

Step 7: Where to Go From Here

Just because you’ve closed on your first property doesn’t mean you’re done yet. In this module, we cover some of the next steps you may want to take while building your portfolio.

You’ll learn:

✔ What you’ll find in our membership, Empire Builders
✔ Our advice on how to prepare for an economic downturn, so that you can make smart investment decisions when it happens

Plus, each module also contains an in-depth breakdown of a deal, whether it’s one from our personal real estate portfolio, one that didn’t go through (learning experience!) or one someone else has done, so you can see how that week’s lesson applies in real life.

But the insider education is only the beginning.

Because we want you to have a place to take your super-specific questions about your market or a property you have your eye on, you’ll also get…

LIVE support throughout, including:

Weekly Q&A's with Leti & Kenji

After each module is released, we’ll hold a 2-hour Q&A session (with recordings for anyone who can’t make it live). Ask us anything about the material and how it applies to the portfolio you’re trying to build. It’s important that we give you the support you need to stay agile and savvy no matter what your market’s doing on any given week. These calls help us talk through your right-now problems so you feel confident no matter what deals your making.

Open office hours with the ZTF coaches

After each module is released, we’ll hold a 2-hour Q&A session (with recordings for anyone who can’t make it live). Ask us anything about the material and how it applies to the portfolio you’re trying to build. It’s important that we give you the support you need to stay agile and savvy no matter what your market’s doing on any given week. These calls help us talk through your right-now problems so you feel confident no matter what deals your making.​

Weekly Open office hours with CXO and Mentors

We’re big believers in the power of support, accountability, and community. Each week, our Chief Experience Officer (hi, Kirsten!) and ZTF alumni host 2 one-hour sessions where you can celebrate your wins, commiserate about challenges, and learn from your peers.

A members-only Facebook group​

Meet other doctors around the country (some of whom may be investing in the same market), ask tough questions, and share your progress with the course. Our experienced ZTF coaches and mentors are there to answer your questions, and we drop in frequently as well to help you through the tough spots.​

And because building the right team is fundamental to your success, you’ll also get access to our professional network, including:

400+ experienced investor agents in 45 states​

When you work with the right agent, it can save you hundreds of hours in searching for deals. But you need someone who’s a pro at working with investors like you. We’ll connect you to vetted investor agents in the market you’ve chosen.

Trusted financial professionals​

We’re sharing the names of commercial and residential lenders, CPAs and tax accountants, insurance brokers, asset managers, bookkeepers, and experts in cost segregation and 1031 exchanges. Many of them are people we’ve worked with and trust ourselves.

We're Kenji and Leti,
founders of Semi-Retired MD.

Let's turn back the clock to 2014.

We were newlyweds who’d met while working at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle.

We had done everything we were supposed to do:

✔ Bachelor’s degrees from good schools
✔ Acceptance into competitive med schools
✔ Match at prestigious hospitals
✔ Residency…and all the long hours that came with it

And we liked the work we did as hospitalists—it was rewarding both personally and intellectually.

But if we wanted to spend time together, we had to schedule date night an entire month in advance.

So when we managed to scrape together the PTO for a much-dreamed-about trip to New Zealand, we thought it was just a well-deserved break.

But as we holed up in our camper van, thousands of miles away from the hubbub of the hospital, we started to think about a different future for ourselves. 

We started researching financial independence and set a bold goal for ourselves: achieve financial freedom in under 7 years.

After exploring our options, we decided to invest in rental properties.

We started small, with 2- and 4-unit buildings that cost around $200K…but in just a few years, we were no longer dependent on our clinical incomes, thanks to tax-free cashflow, debt pay down, market and forced appreciation, and tax savings.

These days, we have over 150 cashflowing long- and short-term rental properties in our portfolio.

Early on, we started blogging about our real estate investing journey, and as our readers followed along, they had questions. Namely: will this work for me? And if so…how do I get started?

We realized it wasn’t enough to create freedom for ourselves, so we developed a course that would teach our fellow doctors everything they need to know about buying and owning rental properties.

Since then, we’ve taught over 3000+ doctors, high-income professionals, and their partners how to achieve financial independence through rental properties.

Anita K.

Hematology / Oncology

Zero to Freedom, 2021

There is never an ideal time, so dive in and learn to swim!  Within one month of taking Zero to Freedom, I expanded my real estate journey to finally become an investor. After the course in October, I bought a short-term rental and now a single-family home in April of 2022, and planning to expand to a multi-family home.”

Kevin J. & Heather K-J.

Pediatric Neurologist & OB/GYN

Zero to Freedom, 2020

Six months after we finished the course, we purchased a 12-unit apartment complex and are cash flowing over $5000 / month and have increased our net worth by $1.5 million.”

Mario M. & Kristina K.

Pediatric Intensivist & Emergency Medicine

Zero to Freedom, 2021

“Within 12 months of taking Zero to Freedom, we made 6 figures in real estate cashflow and saved 6 figures in taxes. Our goal is that I (Mario) work 9 months of the year in medicine and take our kids to live in other countries during the Summer.”

Billy C. & Becky L.

Urologist & OB/GYN

Zero to Freedom, 2021

“In less than 12 months we are on course to make close to six figures in cash flow in year one!  In addition, we saved six figures in taxes in 2021 and are on course to repeat this for 2022.”

Still not sure if Zero to Freedom is right for you?

You’re ready to join us and start generating cashflow from rentals if…

If you mentally checked off at least 5 of the above, then you’re going to be the perfect student for Zero to Freedom, and we can’t wait to meet you!

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