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Monthly Article Round-Up: March 2020

physician finance march

Summary: Here is our monthly round-up of articles and resources from physicians and financial experts around the web. This month, we have some more excellent recommendations from fellow physician finance bloggers and podcasters. These are physicians and physician spouses with whom we’ve connected through the physician finance community. From passive income to burnout prevention, there are a variety of unique financial situations that impact physicians specifically! 


Financial Residency 

Financial Residency, created by Ryan Inman, focuses on building a community of physicians and equipping them with financial knowledge. From paying off debt to building passive income streams to financial planning with your spouse, this podcast and blog run the gamut of financial wisdom. You can listen to the show on any podcast app, and we highly recommend checking out the resources on his website, too! 

It’s hard to choose just an episode or two to recommend because they’re all good! But since your method of listening might be different depending on your device, we’ll recommend a blog post instead: House Hacking: How Doctors Can Invest in Real Estate With (Almost) No Money. Sounds pretty relevant, don’t you think? Some of you may have read about our house hacking experience, so this is a thorough testament to how successful it can be! 


Empowering Women Physicians

Sunny Smith MD knows that women physicians tend to wear a lot of hats. As a family physician, mother, wife, and life coach, she’s dedicated to helping fellow women physicians to slow down, reflect on what’s important in their lives, and work towards achieving their dreams. 

And she also has an awesome podcast where she interviews women physicians about all sorts of life and career topics. She’s such a great resource and we highly recommend checking out her website! You’ll find her podcast episodes there as well, including one featuring our good friend Bonnie Koo of Wealthy Mom MD!



As you may have guessed by the moniker, Xrayvsn is a practicing radiologist who, like many physicians, suffered from a lack of financial education. After much trial and error, he did exactly what many of us had to do: educate himself. 

Now he’s a self-proclaimed “passive income/FIRE disciple” who blogs about his journey to financial independence in his candid, down-to-earth, and frankly sometimes hilarious voice. 

A good place to start is his flagship post, “I Have Pretty Much Made Every Mistake in the Book”. (Because let’s face it, we’ve all made mistakes, and seeing someone talk about their mistakes so openly reminds you that you’re not alone!) 


Physician Philosopher

Academic physician anesthesiologist Jimmy Turner, MD, embraces the following philosophy: “Physicians should practice medicine because they want to, not because they have to.” We couldn’t agree more! 

Focusing on burnout prevention and financial literacy for physicians, our friend the Physician Philosopher educates and empowers others to achieve financial freedom and develop a healthy money mindset. He recently posted a great article on Real Estate Professional Status that breaks down its pros and cons in a very clear and concise way! You’ve heard us sing the praises of REPS before on this blog, and that’s because (as TPP affirms), if you can do it, and you (and your spouse) want to do it, then you should do it! 


Do you have any physician finance resources that you’d recommend, whether they’re real estate investing focused, FIRE focused, or just about passive income and financial freedom in general? Let us know in the comments!

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