Why Doctors Use Real Estate Investments to Set Themselves Free and How You Can Too

By Letizia Alto, MD and Kenji Asakura, MD

Are you ready to discover the transformative power of real estate investing?

This book will show you how to set yourself free.

“Life on Your Terms” empowers doctors and dreamers alike to rewrite their stories, illustrating how real estate investment can provide the key to unlocking a life of autonomy, flexibility, and true financial sovereignty. Whether you’re a medical professional seeking an exit strategy or an aspiring investor craving actionable guidance, this book is your compass to charting a course toward the life you’ve always envisioned.

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let me ask you something you may be scared to ask yourself

When will you finally get off
the doctor-burn-out-train?

There’s an often-overused quote by Lao Tzu, which I’m sure you’ve heard: “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

The thing is there’s a reason this quote is so frequently used: it reflects the reality of what so many of us forget along the journey of life—everyone has to start somewhere. They may seem miles ahead now, but ultimately, they started at the beginning, just like you and I have to.

Starting is truly the hardest part. It requires overcoming the analysis paralysis, the fears, and the naysayers. It’s about seeing a million steps ahead and choosing to not let them overwhelm or derail us—but instead, just take that first step DESPITE them.

And then, take the next step.

Many do not make it very far on the journey.

Some persist, fueled by a strong “why” and build something extraordinary.

Then they become the models for the next group looking at the journey of a thousand miles… and wondering if they too should take the first step.

Cheers to taking your first (or thousandth) step!

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Letizia Alto, MD
and Kenji Asakura, MD

we provide coaching and mentorship for doctors and high-income earners

Several years ago, we were newlyweds working as full-time hospitalists. On paper, it looked like we had everything: the prestigious careers, the happy marriage, the luxurious rental home, the cars, etc.

But in reality? Despite having worked for several years, we had very little savings.

Despite our high income, we had very little freedom in terms of time or money.

One thing was clear: we had to do something.

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